The exploitation of the resources of the sceneries and the environments and the search of the bonds with our traditions constitute ours first and main point objective. But who will want to visit us and deepening the mutual knowledge, can forget then hardly this arc of gulf that, rotating from Soverato to Stalettì, englobes Montepaone, Gasperina and Montauro, because he will remain fascinated from one of the visions between the most beautiful of the world.

Come Tourist, wait for you!

       Given as a present a stay to Montauro, between us and with us, and you will remain spellbound because the panorama that degrades toward the sea unfolds a beautiful and extraordinary scenery incomparably: continuously one series of necks rolls toward the harbor and the look it embraces, from the top one, the endless inlets of the coast that, also pushing they to loss of eye, seem to be to course of hand.
The harbor deserves a chapter apart: clear and clean air, shining sun, sea from the changing colors, tender and white sands.
This, synthesis is the habitat for our Guests that will find comforting residenceses and hotels to 4 and 3 stars like the "Rada Siri", the "Estella", "Il Pescatore", "Il Pegaso" and a series of pleasant Beaches which "La Pergola", "Pietragrande", "Soleado".
  In the zone they am present supermarkets and a big commercial center “Le Vele” where is possible to acquire whole a range of products typical Calabrians. The center entertains tens of shops furnished of the best of the "made in Italy" to convenient prices.
For the leisure time the choice is ample and varied: fields of bottles, of football and from tennis, long swims, amusing catchs, also in company, with ancient works of seilor like the small “Sciabica” or the “Tartana.
It is possible to organize excursions, with and without guides, to visit in one day, the Sila or Crotone the city of Pitagora or Reggio Calabria where you'd can admire the famous “Bronzi di Riace” and that waterfronts that D'Annunzio defined the most beautiful kilometer in Italy.
But also "Scilla" and "Cariddi", "Le Castella", the wonderful "Rupe di Tropea", the
secular "Cattolica"of Stilo , the castle of Pizzo Calabro, Gerace with his one hundred churches and Locri, Antonimina, Caulonia with their remains of civilization Magno Greca deserve a regard.
To little kilometers, finally, rise the ancient Squillace with its schools of art of the copper and the ceramics and the archaeological park of the "Roccelletta di Borgia" rich in rare historical finds.
But the stay will be also pleasant for the tasty kitchen extremely. The guest will can taste a long series of typical dishes that include: the "pasta ripiena", "scilatelle", the
“fagioli alla pignata”, "pasta and ceci", braciole imbottite, fish of so many kinds and in so many sauces, cheeses pecorini, green and black olives, "melanzane ripiene", sausages, brawns and capicollos. The all seasoned with good oil of olive and watered with good wine. Also the sweets like the “zzippuli”, “pignolata”, “nacatuli” etc. they are local purely.
The zone of Montauro, however, is furnished of special barbacueses that allow to any happy party to cook and to eat with in front of the eyes one of the most beautiful
landscapes in Calabria.

Come to find us, Befriend! Wait for you!

     So you will know cordiality and the liking with which we will welcome you. And you will help us to improve because we will do treasure of your suggestions and your wise man suggestions. We will spend so many beautiful days together.
We don't promise big things to you, but surely you will touch with hand our sincere hospitality and the human heat.
So that we are sure that when you will leave again for returning home you will have a pinch of yearning and regret because here from us, to Montauro, you will leave so much friendship and some affection.