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Raffaele Spadafora gived beginning to his activity of Industry of Carbonated Drinks to Salerno, in the distant 1945 for then to move to Cosenza his city of origin.

The big care with which has been followed always the production of the products SPADAFORA is the motive for the express success in the market of the carbonated drinks.

In the arc of a few decades the small firm has achieved confirmations that they have transformed some the physiognomy from small firm to affirmed industrial reality, today under the direction of Pietro Spadafora.


The characteristic that countersigns the firm SPADAFORA is that to guarantee personal, direct and cordial relationships with clientele, immediateness, care and slenderness in the supplies of the commodity, as well as elasticity and availability to the demands of market.

Interior shot the structure he lives in a climate of active collaboration and concrete effort tendente to realize the best for a constant and gratifying development.


The drinks produced from the firm Spadafora, are also in PET from 1,5 liters:                            


But the true pearl of the products is the fabulous one:


    In bottles of glass.  

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The drink that squirts energy to every sip, good base for cocktail, nonalcoholic supercharged with so many fresh little refreshing bubbles, only in his kind produced with alone coffee of the better quality. it is the drink that doesn't find competition with other similar products and everything this allows the importer an increase of the proper volume of business as well as a notable great profit.

We search importing in the world

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                        I'm Dark,        foamy,     Fresh And Young.
Proof   intoxicating  Taste Some Drink To the coffee: