Magnagrecia furnishes services to the purpose to promote the Calabrian territory.

    The site is born with the intent to put in communication all those people that are interested in Calabria, to present productive activities in the territory.
   Magnagrecia wants to show the stupendous natural beauties of Calabria to the whole world. The art and the archaeology of the ancient one “MAGNA GRAECIA” they are the thrilling testimonies of a territory in which he breathes Greek civilization and the Roman history.

   The splendid earth of Calabria enjoys mild and moderate climate. The beautiful season begins to March and it ends to October, this allows to be able to live quietly the sun and the splendid and crystalline sea and to tan, except little days of rain in October and November.

   Besides Magnagrecia has tight contacts with the tourist operators of the whole Calabrian territory, it can offer information on  hotels and residences of varied categories.

   The objective final of Magnagrecia is that to attract tourists in Calabria. To such intention we invite you to visit our site from which can already discover him what of stately the first nature and the man after has known how to create.